Now I am in my masters and I have been studying for several years, I have gained quite some experience as a student. On this page, I share my study experiences acquired at different universities in different countries. With this, I hope to be of help to other students who are considering to or going to study at one of these universities.

I did a bachelor in Soil, Water and Atmosphere at the Wageningen University and I went on an exchange to do a minor in Polar Meteorology and Climate at UNIS in Svalbard. Currently, I am following the study track Meteorology in the master program Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Helsinki.

University of Helsinki

Letting up the weather balloon for the radio sounding for the course ATM322

Radio Sounding for Course Meteorological Observation Systems

As part of completing the course Meteorological Observation Systems (ATM322) at the University of Helsinki, we had to execute a ...
Study at The University of Helsinki - Kumpula Campus in February 2022

Why I Started Studying at the University of Helsinki

At the end of 2018, when the end of my bachelor studies neared, I started thinking about what should be ...

Wageningen University

Experience Wageningen University

Experiences Wageningen University: Studying Soil, Water, Atmosphere

From August 2016 to January 2020, I studied at the Wageningen University (WUR). During this time, I completed the bachelor's ...
Wageningen University Campus

Why I Did My Bachelor Studies in Wageningen

In september 2016, I started studying the Bachelor's program Soil, Water, Atmosphere at the Wageningen University and Research (WUR). Nowadays, ...

University center in Svalbard (UNIS)

Scientific Cruise UNIS Air Ice Sea Interactions Svalbard - Study at UNIS - Study in Svalbard

Experiences during master course Air-Ice-Sea Interactions at UNIS, Svalbard

In the fall of 2022, from October to December, I went to Svalbard to take part in the UNIS master ...
prepare studies UNIS Svalbard - tips and information

How to Prepare for Studies at UNIS in Svalbard

In 2018, I went to Svalbard for an exchange semester at UNIS. I have been back to Svalbard as a ...
study in Svalbard - Weather station fieldwork Isfjord Radio

Experiences During My Study in Svalbard (part 2)

From August 2018 to December 2018, I studied at UNIS, the University Centre in Svalbard, where I went on an ...
Study at UNIS in the Arctic

Experiences During My Study at UNIS in Svalbard (part 1)

From August 2018 to December 2018, I studied at UNIS, the University Centre in Svalbard, where I went on an ...
minor at UNIS, university centre in Svalbard, studying at UNIS on Svalbard, UNIS, Hiorthfjellet

Why I did my Minor at UNIS, the University Centre in Svalbard

From August 2018 to December that year, I did my minor at UNIS, the University Centre in Svalbard. UNIS is ...