About this website

Hey, thanks for visiting my website!

I built this website to share information and experiences on topics I am passionate about. I believe the content on this website can be valuable for students and people that are interested in the weather, meteorology and climate.

On this page I will help you to navigate through this website. As you can see, this website consists out of several categories and pages. In the website menu you can find several tabs. First there is the “info” tab, where you can find information about me, this website and the services I can provide. Secondly, there is a tab “articles”. Here I will write weather and climate related articles. In the tab “blog posts”, you can find posts about some of my experiences, related to for example the weather and traveling.

The diference between for example meteorological articles and weather related blog posts is that the blog posts will be written in a more personal way, about how I experience things, whereas the meteorological articles will contain more factual/scientific content and weather analysis. There might be overlap between the posts in those two categories though, as I might write about the weather setup in articles where I mainly write about my experience and vice versa. Some posts might therefore be assigned to both categories.

One of the aims of this website is to provide the possibility of learning about meteorological topics. If you are interested in learning more about meteorology, visit my meteorological background page, where explain basic meteorological concepts.

In the tab ‘study’ I will share experiences with regard to the places I studied and the study programs and courses I have followed or that I am currently following. This tab is mainly meant for (future) students that are considering to study at one of those universities. I hope to be of help by providing information and experiences.

Lastly, in the tab “book reviews”, I will be posting about books I have read. I will give my opinion on books as well as providing a short summary. You can also find posts about books relating to my studies. I believe this section can be valuable to people that consider reading one of those books.

Under posts, there will be an option to comment. Please leave a comment if you have an experience on a topic that you would like to share or if you have a question. You can also reach out on the page ‘contact’, in case you have a question or if you are interested in my services.

The written content on this website, as well as the photos and videos that are posted, are made by me unless stated otherwise. It is not allowed to use or distribute them without my consent.